Reliable remote desktop software for macOS

Access and operate all your Mac devices from your tablet, PC or phone.

Create without limits

Move fast with our lightweight solution that’s quick to download, fast to install and doesn’t cost you in valuable disk space or put a drain on power usage.

Collaborate remotely

Whether you need to offer support, access on-premise equipment, or want a way to collaborate on the next big project, VNC Connect® makes it possible with a reliable, quality connection.

Connect across platforms

Do more with multi-platform support that lets you access devices running Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Use our VNC Viewer app (iOS and Android) to access your desktop whilst on the go.

Fast, secure & reliable remote desktop software for macOS

Free from frustration

Feel as though you’re there at your devices with a responsive connection and exceptional image quality.

Tailored user permissions

Ensure the right people have the right level of access with an easy-to-configure setup and granular permissions controls.

Centralized control

Simplify admin by managing permissions with policy templates that can then be distributed to remote devices.

Power productivity

Get more done with built-in support for two-way file transfer, remote printing, real-time chat, and screen recording.

Backwards compatibility

In addition to macOS Monterey, VNC Connect® also supports older versions (up to OS X Yosemite), helping you extend the life and value of your IT estate.

Optimized performance

Auto-optimization algorithms ensure you get a reliable connection, even in low-bandwidth, high-latency environments.


RealVNC® remote access software allows us to assist editors and animators experiencing IT problems, without needing to leave our desks.

Paul Reeves

Production Engineer

Secure by design

Offer secure remote access at scale throughout your organization with confidence. VNC Connect® features enterprise-grade security that protects against external threats, while a suite of admin tools gives you complete control of access across all devices.

Security is at the core of our solution – by design, we treat every connection as though it originated in a hostile environment. To safeguard against unsolicited access, an incoming connection must always be authorized from the end-user device on the Server side. And to ensure total privacy, sessions are always end-to-end encrypted at up to 256-bit.

Trusted by leading IT teams worldwide


Massage Robotics

Using RealVNC software to accelerate robot programming Massage Robotics develops robots that use AI and machine-learning to prescribe and perform therapeutic massages. Founded by entrepreneur Christian Mackin in 2016, the California-based startup relies on RealVNC’s VNC Connect software to accelerate the programming and maintenance of its robots from locations around the world. The problem Innovative ... Read more



"RealVNC® remote access software is proving extremely useful in allowing our small helpdesk team to support staff located at sites around the whole of Poland."

Nataniel Zielinski, IT Architect/IT Administrator

Western Energy

Western Energy

"RealVNC® remote access software is so simple to use, easy to deploy and a lot less cumbersome than other solutions we tried. It’s bulletproof!"

Michael Rath, User Support Analyst

University of Miami

University of Miami

"RealVNC® remote access software has decreased the amount of downtime when our onboard systems do not perform properly, allowing us to increase the amount of time sampling."

Marc Peters, Technical Support

The Jalousie Plantation

The Jalousie Plantation

"Without RealVNC® remote access software we wouldn’t be able to multi-task as much as we do today in IT."

Shearvon Devenish, Information Systems Manager

Telesat Canada

Telesat Canada

"RealVNC® remote access software is such a valuable tool to us. I cannot even remember how we got along without it years ago!"

Wayne Hobbs, Satellite Control Network Analyst

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Frequently asked questions

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VNC Connect® (VNC Viewer and VNC Server) offers support for all releases since OS X Yosemite). View this Help page for more detail. 

You can download VNC Server here. It’s the software to install on every computer you want to control. 

You can download VNC Viewer here. It’s what you install on every desktop computer you want to control from. If you’re looking to control computers from a mobile device, search ‘RealVNC’ in the iOS App Store or Android Play Store. 

When using Device Access on either Professional or Enterprise subscriptions, you can have as many concurrent sessions as you like. With Instant Support, concurrent sessions are capped per technician and vary depending on your subscription level – up to 3 concurrent sessions on Professional subscriptions and up to 10 concurrent sessions on Enterprise subscriptions. 

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