Rethinking Enterprise Remote Access with Endpoint Management

Elevate remote access with endpoint management

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Andrew Woodhouse
Andrew Woodhouse

CIO at RealVNC

Nick Cavalancia
Nick Cavalancia

4-time Microsoft MVP


  • Why and when remote access isn’t the right answer
  • How Endpoint Management strengthens the goals of remote access
  • What are your options when it comes to choosing the right combination of remote access and Endpoint Management

How is this webinar helpful to my business?

When you get down to the crux of why remote access is of value to IT in an enterprise, the remote access sessions established are merely a means to an end – the supporting of an endpoint or server that needs attention. But there are a wide range of disparate support scenarios where remote access isn’t necessarily the right answer – and actually remotely *managing* the system in question is.

With most remote access solutions laser focused on a singular goal: helping users and IT teams alike to establish a remote access session, it may be time for IT teams leveraging remote access solutions to mature their approach, looking for the most productive and effective ways to maintain and fix the endpoint problems at hand – considering remote access as just one of a number of support options.