VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server

Download VNC® Viewer to the device you want to control from, below. Make sure you’ve installed VNC® Server on the computer you want to control.

VNC® Connect is not available for Solaris.

Please contact support to download VNC® 5.x here.

Frequently asked questions

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You don’t. Just download and run it, though you might need to make the binary executable first. If you want to install VNC® Viewer on desktop platforms, download VNC® 5.x instead.

If you have a keyboard and mouse in front of you, use them as you would normally. If you’re on a mobile device, then your touchscreen acts as a mouse trackpad, with gestures mapped to mouse buttons. See the on-board help!

No. VNC® Viewer is always free to use. Just accept the EULA the first time you run.

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