remote monitoring and management

A guide to remote monitoring and management 

Remote monitoring and management refer to tools allowing you to keep an eye on and maintain various types of equipment. And this, while the equipment is at a distance.

What is remote monitoring and management?

So, what is remote management and monitoring software? Because it’s software we’re talking about. Simply put, it’s software which allows you to remotely keep an eye on various piece of equipment. And, obviously, seeing when it malfunctions. That’s the remote monitoring part – the one in which you look at things like hard drive space or hardware issues. And all this, from another location.

The remote management part pertains to intervening when isues arise. Or when something needs doing – for example, updating software.

So, RMM software allows you to make sure that everything works, without actually being there. And without expensive callouts every time something doesn’t work.

How does remote monitoring and management software work?

Remote access and monitoring software can come in many forms. And you can use remote access software for this purpose.

The first step for remote monitoring management needs to be a plan. Start by seeing what operating systems the devices in question are running. If the devices are running several operating systems, make sure you choose a multiplatform solution. It needs to support operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, as well as Android and iOS.

Once you’ve identified the solution you’ll be using, you’ll want to deploy agents or Viewers to machines. If deploying your software isn’t an option, you’ll need to install it on each machine.

From that point on, by using remote monitoring and management software, you’ll be able to keep an eye on those machines. Should anything go wrong, you can always intervene. This will help you save on costs with things such as callouts.

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How does remote monitoring work?

Remote monitoring is a great way for IT support or network administrators to keep an eye on machines far away from their office. Remote monitoring software on those machines allows staff to see their working status. They can look at whether updates or interventions are needed.

When using remote access software for this, IT staff can see the screen of machines as if being in front of them. This allows them to easily identify issues and decide whether intervention is required.

How does remote management work?

When intervention is needed, remote management comes onto the stage. When there is a need for patching, updates, sorting out issues or installing new software, it’s all done remotely. Remote management provides IT staff with the ability to do this from anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of having remote monitoring and management?

You can’t understate the benefits of remote monitoring and management software. Let’s look at some of them.

Improved efficiency

As staff doesn’t need to travel to the affected machine, the process of resolving issues is much more efficient. The affected machine is one click away even if it’s situated across the continent.

Saving time

As travel is not needed and everything is available immediately, staff saves a lot of time.

Protecting the environment

No travel to sites means less of a carbon footprint for the company overall.


Some IT issues can constitute security hazards for the whole company. A shorter time to resolution reduces the risk of data leaks. However, security should also be a main focus when choosing remote monitoring and management software. The machines you’re monitoring and managing might be storing sensitive data. This is why you should make sure that the software you’re using doesn’t just claim to be secure. Its developer should be able to actually show you proof that it is secure.

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