Activate a Home subscription

If you are activating a subscription in order to work from home, please note that a Home subscription is NOT suitable for business or commercial use. We urge you to take a FREE 14-day trial of our paid subscriptions in order to take advantage of increased security, better performance, productivity features, and dedicated support.

We're unable to provide technical support to VNC Connect Home users

Home subscription: Easy-to-use remote access for friends and family

Our Home subscription is the ideal solution for personal or hobbyist use. Whether you’re tinkering with your Raspberry Pi or need to help a relative solve an IT problem, VNC Connect is there to help.

You can access up to 5 internet-connected computers securely from any device running our VNC® Viewer app

How to get started


Watch our video

Getting started with a Home subscription and establishing your first cloud connection is quick and simple. Our short 3min video shows you how.

You can also view our support page for more details.


Create a RealVNC® account and activate Home

VNC® Connect benefits

Cloud connectivity

Automatically discover remote computers and connect without port forwarding or firewall reconfiguration.

Address book sharing

Invite two other people in to your team to share remote access.

Backup and sync

Sign in to your RealVNC® account on all the devices you connect from to access your address book wherever you are.

Online management

Manage computers and people conveniently online.

Advanced security

Up to 256-bit AES session encryption, perfect forward secrecy, automatic MITM protection and the latest RFB® 5 protocol.

Need remote access for commercial use?

Our paid annual subscriptions give you the flexibility and control you need.

In particular, please note that if you want to deploy VNC® Connect remotely, in bulk, offline, at the command line or on headless/virtual servers, or you intend to connect from VNC-compatible apps from third parties, you’ll need one of our paid subscriptions.

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