Update now to enjoy HD remote audio

It’s finally here! VNC Connect® now supports HD audio, for the most immersive remote access experience yet

Update your VNC Connect® apps to enjoy HD audio

Enjoy an immersive remote access experience

If you have a paid subscription, you can now take advantage of our new audio feature. Download the latest version of VNC Connect® to listen to audio when you connect to a computer remotely, wherever you are in the world.


Excellent frame rate and responsiveness

Working with remote access is all about the frames per second. How fast does everything load on your screen? Does it feel as though you are physically sitting in front of a computer which might be thousands of miles away, in real-time? With our latest audio feature, we have ensured that you will get crystal clear HD sound. Enjoy an excellent frame rate and responsiveness for all your high-speed streaming demands.

Immersive sound experience

It’s never been easier to enjoy a truly immersive remote access experience, with the combination of HD audio and high-speed streaming. Reduce your frustration and enhance your productivity with our remote access software. It works in real-time when you need it, from anywhere in the world.


Frequently asked questions

Audio is available for paid subscription users and allows the user to play audio on the Server and hear it on the Viewer. Now, in addition to seeing what is displayed on the Viewer and controlling the remote computer as though you were sitting in front of it, you can also hear what is playing on its speakers.

The audio feature will only work when you’re using High-Speed-Streaming (RFB protocol version 6). If you are using direct connectivity via a router then you may need to add the appropriate port forwarding rules to allow UDP connections as well as TCP. On Linux systems, the pulse audio sound system must be installed in order to use the remote audio feature. This should be present by default on most recent Ubuntu, RHEL and CentOS systems. Make sure you have the updated version of the Server and Viewer installed, and a paid subscription, and you should be good to go.

Audio is not yet supported by VNC Server running on MacOS, during On-Demand Assist sessions, or when using VNC Viewer for Android and iOS.

The audio feature is muted by default. This means you won’t startle anyone working from an office-based location when they connect to your home computer, or any similar situation. Enabling audio is easy when you need it: click the Audio icon on the Viewer toolbar. Make sure audio is supported by the connection and hasn’t been disabled on the Server. Go to the Users & Permissions page in the Server options to configure audio on a per-user bases or to disable the feature completely.

For more information on audio and to find out how to get started, view our FAQ page here

Experience HD remote audio

With a valid paid subscription, all you need do is download the latest VNC® Connect apps


Download VNC Server to remote computers

You'll need to upgrade remote computers you want to control to the latest VNC Server.


Download VNC Viewer to local devices

You'll need to upgrade local devices you want to exercise control from to the latest VNC Viewer.


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