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VNC Connect is coming to Android

RealVNC recently launched its next-generation remote access software, VNC Connect. VNC Connect introduces cloud connectivity and a synchronised, backed-up address book via a secure RealVNC account. Accounts can be protected with two-step verification, and server passwords never leave your device.

The update to VNC Viewer for Android is taking a little longer, but is on its way. Meanwhile, we’re able to give a sneak peak of the new version via the Play Store beta channel. This new version will work seamlessly with cloud connections available with Home, Professional or Enterprise VNC Connect subscriptions. It will also make traditional direct connections to other supported VNC Servers.

If you would like to get an early version of the cloud-enabled VNC Viewer app, please follow this link to become a beta tester.

Become a beta tester for the VNC Viewer app

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