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RealVNC releases high-quality audio update for VNC Connect

New HD audio update provides a more immersive experience integral to supporting today’s workforce

Cambridge, UK, 25 September 2019 – RealVNC, the pioneers of remote access technology, has today announced its Enterprise and Professional customers will now benefit from HD audio. The update will improve the user experience on VNC Connect, by introducing the ability to hear sound remotely.

The update will provide VNC Connect Enterprise and Professional users with audio capabilities that 50% of beta test users who had also used alternative products found it achieved better results than competitor options. 

Today, more and more industries are using remote access software for applications that are increasingly content-rich and sound-driven, therefore they need real-time audio and visual capabilities to be able to complete the job correctly. The new feature will work in conjunction with RealVNC’s high-speed streaming capability, released earlier this year, to create an overall better user experience. 

For example, remote broadcasters will be able to access and listen to audio clips before or even during broadcasts to ensure the live stream is running properly. Additionally, those in the healthcare sector will be able to hear patient monitor alarms go off without having to be in the room – meaning they can respond quickly to alerts and potentially save lives remotely.

Having an enhanced audio capability also means that remote workers will have a more immersive experience, being able to both see and hear everything as if they were in the office. This is a core aspect of improving the remote working offering, ensuring that employees working from another location are not hindered. 

Adam Greenwood-Byrne, CEO at RealVNC, commented: “Everyone, from engineers to doctors, has the capability to work remotely, but that need to respond to a machine at a moment’s notice hasn’t gone away. Remote access software needs to accommodate this and provide professionals with the same experience as if they were in the room. This is why we’ve launched our audio capability. As a growing SaaS organization, we’re continually looking for ways to upgrade and improve our capabilities, to ensure customers enjoy using RealVNC to be where they’re not. We believe this is a significant step forward.”

Samantha Strauss, Engineering Manager at RealVNC, noted: “Our beta testing shows that high-quality audio is vital to improving the customer experience. Combining high-speed streaming with real-time audio, this latest update gives remote customers a better experience of working at the machine, meaning they can work more efficiently.”

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About RealVNC

RealVNC is the global provider of SaaS-based remote access solutions, helping some of the biggest companies in the world connect people through devices. As the company that pioneered the internet protocol that is now the standard across the industry, RealVNC is at the forefront of its evolution, with software in over 1 billion devices worldwide. 

Today, RealVNC® is a multi-award winning business, with technology in over 90,000 enterprise organizations across all industries. Our secure technology is trusted by industry heavyweights, with licensees of our IP including world-leading organizations such as Google and Intel. 

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