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RealVNC and Raspberry Pi announce new partnership

September 28th, 2016, Cambridge, UK: RealVNC®, the original developer and provider of VNC® remote access and control software, has today announced a new partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation to include its VNC software in the latest release of the Raspbian operating system. Under the terms of the new agreement, RealVNC software becomes the official standard for remote access connectivity on all Raspberry Pis, and is provided free-of-charge for educational or non-commercial use.

The VNC software is already being used by many students and makers around the world since it provides a simple and efficient way of controlling their Raspberry Pi from an existing computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are a very wide range of Raspberry Pi educational projects that will benefit from the preinstalled VNC software, allowing students to get up and running within minutes.

“I am really pleased to be including the RealVNC software in our September 2016 release of Raspbian.” commented Eben Upton, CEO, Raspberry Pi. “The RealVNC team have a great reputation for quality, high-performance software and excellent platform support, making it the perfect solution for the Raspberry Pi community. They have a long history of supporting our educational events and activities. This new agreement is the next logical step in our active partnership.”

“We share our Cambridge academic roots with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and also have a mutual vision and commitment to educating the next generation of engineers.” explained Adam Greenwood Byrne, COO, RealVNC. “With so much common ground, it’s fantastic for us to further strengthen our relationship through this new agreement. The Raspberry Pi is incredibly exciting and has been embraced by millions of people. We’re proud to play a small part in the amazing work being done by their Foundation. We see this announcement as just the next chapter in our partnership, and we look forward to exploring new educational and commercial opportunities in the future.”

Those users with the September 2016 release of Raspbian will find the VNC Server and VNC Viewer software preinstalled and ready to use. It’s very simple to enable the VNC software using the standard raspi-config tool that is familiar to all Raspberry Pi users. Users with older versions of Raspbian can upgrade their operating system to take advantage of the new remote access capabilities. To learn more, visit the RealVNC Raspberry Pi Resource page at

About RealVNC

RealVNC’s software, VNC, is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide in every sector of industry, government and education. VNC is the original remote access software with a wide range of applications. The technology supports an unrivalled mix of desktop and mobile platforms and can be embedded in third-party products with a commercial licence.

RealVNC® and VNC® are trademarks of RealVNC Limited and are protected by trademark registrations and/or pending trademark applications in the European Union, United States of America and other jurisdictions.

For more information about RealVNC please contact: Sam Mohr, Jargon PR, [email protected].

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