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Cloudless socket connections coming next week!

So, if you’ve used the SDK then you’ll know what the VNC Cloud is. It’s our connectivity service that helps two endpoints connect and have a VNC session regardless of their network characteristics.

Coming Soon

We’ve listened to your feedback and we understand that sometimes it’s preferable to connect directly, without the help of the VNC Cloud. That’s why, on the week commencing 7th December, we’ll be launching our new version of the SDK including “direct TCP connectivity” or cloudless socket connections, or whatever you want to call it.

Yes, some of you just want to make socket connections to an IP address and remove the cloud from the picture. Maybe you don’t need it, because you’re always connecting from within the same network or your network doesn’t have Internet access? Maybe you don’t like the idea that your session data may be relayed through our servers (despite it being very secure)? Or maybe you want to connect to pre-built, socket-based VNC viewers & servers that you’ve already deployed?

Whatever the reason, we want to help.

We’ll provide some more information on how to get started with this new functionality as soon as we release.