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Your business continuity plan needs remote access

Governments around the world recommend telecommuting during the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. Businesses without a remote working policy in place are working to implement one to continue operating away from the office. Download our “Remote Working Essentials” guide for some tips on how to make this transition as smooth as possible

Helpful resources

Is your business going remote? We’ve put together some useful resources on how set up a remote working policy, and stay productive and motivated away from the office.

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Short reads:

Home working and cybersecurity

Cybercriminals are known to prey on people’s reliance on digital tools in moments of crisis, such as the current pandemic. With millions of people worldwide now working from home,  there’s an increased risk of cyberattacks. Here are some cybersecurity tips to help you mitigate the risks:

Find information and guidance from WHO (World Health Organization) regarding the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 on the WHO website.

For more information about VNC Connect’s security feature, check out our Security page.

Getting started with VNC Connect

VNC Connect is an affordable and easy-to-use remote access solution that allows you to connect to a remote computer and to watch its screen in real time, as through you were sitting right in front of it. 

To show you how easy it is to get started, we’ve created a video that will demonstrate how to get your first screen sharing session up and running. 

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