VNC Connect 6.8.0 - out now!

Including screen recording, dark mode support & more!

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The latest version of VNC Connect comes with some exciting new features.
We’re happy to introduce screen recording, dark mode for MacOS and more.

VNC Connect Screen recording

Screen recording

Keep a video record of your remote access session. This provides you with better auditing, quality control and training capabilities.

Easily start and stop video recordings with a single button in the VNC Viewer toolbar. The location for the recordings can be specified in the VNC Viewer settings and accessed via a dedicated button.

The feature can be enabled by default for all sessions and can be enforced via policy, ensuring a complete audit trail

Screen recording for Instant Support will also be available very soon, in a future release.

VNC Connect Screen recording dark mode

Dark mode for MacOS

Dark mode is now available in VNC Connect for MacOS users. 

If your Mac is already in dark mode, the VNC Connect App will be too.

VNC Connect Screen recording F8

Password inject via F8 menu in Windows

VNC Connect now supports password injection when logging into the remote device. This is accessed via the F8 menu. This makes access in Safe Mode easier, especially for IT Support staff. 

VNC Connect- Screen recording bug fixes

Middle button press and various fixes

The software now supports middle button press for laptops. 

We have also included various fixes, as well as improvements for Linux virtual mode logging on startup.

The update is already available for Windows, MacOS, as well as Linux. Users just need to update to the latest version. For a full compatibility list, click here.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which subscription do I need to access the screen recording feature?

    Screen recording is available with both Professional and Enterprise subscriptions.

  • Where are the recordings saved?

    Recordings are saved to the media folder of your Viewer computer, for example on Windows this is the Videos folder. You can change this in VNC Viewer's Preferences

  • Which platforms can I use for screen recording?

    Screen recording is available on Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Can I use screen recording with Instant Support?

    Screen recording for Instant Support is coming soon

  • How do I get further help with screen recording?


For more information, read our FAQ page here

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    You'll need to upgrade remote computers you want to control to the latest VNC Server.

  2. Download VNC Viewer to local devices

    You'll need to upgrade local devices you want to exercise control from to the latest VNC Viewer. Support for Android and iOS coming soon.


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