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Micro-2 Inc - case study

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Micro-2 Inc. is an Alabama-based tech support company with 30 years of experience in providing high-quality IT support. Their mission statement is to support small businesses and the local community by offering a level of support comparable to an in-house IT department, both remotely and on-site.

Micro-2 represents many top-tier hardware and software vendors, including Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, NEC, Canon, Intel, RealVNC, Tandberg Data, TrippLite, and CyberPower. Their experience with these large, reputable brands provides their clients top-shelf reliability, performance, and manufacturer support.


Micro-2 was looking for a single remote access solution that would allow them to support their clients remotely and control a large range of operating systems and devices. In addition, to meet their needs the remote access solution of choice needed to include a singular command console, easy connection groupings, minimal client footprint, and easy and hassle-free install for the clients.


When RealVNC released VNC Connect, Micro-2 decided to purchase an enterprise licence offering both direct and highly secure cloud connectivity. This allowed them to consolidate their remote access strategy to support their clients remotely regardless of location using only one product.

The team at Micro-2 was very pleased with all the features and the security provided by VNC Connect, and with the personalized support offered by the RealVNC Sales Team. They also decided to add the instant support capability to their subscription as soon as the functionality became available.

Instant support was deemed particularly helpful, as the capability allows their IT technicians to set up an instant support session without any software deployment required for the end user clients. With instant support, their clients only need to download a small, disposable app that can be deleted once the session is completed, minimizing the hassle.

Micro-2 found a VNC Connect subscription with device access and instant support capabilities very cost-effective, as it allowed them to significantly reduce time and travel costs and support a wide range of devices. Passing on the cost of RealVNC to their clients was not difficult, as they also found the cost per seat very reasonable.

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“Using VNC Connect helped us increase our productivity when providing remote access support to our clients. It’s never been better!”

B Glen Cleveland


The Micro-2 team is extremely pleased with VNC Connect as their remote access solution of choice and is planning on renewing their licenses for the foreseeable future.

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Ong Ba Sou, Director of Technology, Information Systems



"With RealVNC® remote access software, we can now fix 90% of the issues we receive remotely, eliminating travel time and costs, while helping our clients without delay."

Harkesh Patel, Systems Administrator and IT Engineer

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"The RealVNC® remote access software is the most widely used tool that the IT helpdesk team have at their fingertips."

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