VNC® Connect capabilities

One product for all your remote access needs. Our software has two capabilities, device access and instant support. Just add the capability you need to your subscription, or both to cover every remote access use case.

Device access


Add device access to your VNC® Connect subscription and control computers you own or manage. Once VNC® Connect is installed on those computers, anyone in your team can have access at any time, attended or unattended, direct or via the cloud.

Perfect for remote workers, departmental teams, integrating customers and suppliers, and IT support for your device estate.


Cloud (Internet) and direct (LAN) connectivity


Attended and unattended access


Licensed per remote computer to control


Installation on remote computer required

Instant support


Add instant support to your VNC® Connect subscription and connect to a colleague or customer’s computer in seconds (with their permission), without installing any software, making them perform complex operations, or leaving a footprint behind.

Perfect for service desk technicians or IT support in a BYOD environment.


Cloud connectivity only (Internet required)


Attended access only


Licensed per technician taking control


No install; zero footprint

Purchasing made easy

With multiple licensing permutations, hidden restrictions and confusing terminology, buying some remote access software can be difficult. With VNC® Connect, you just need to answer three simple questions...


Which subscription should I choose?

Select either a Professional or Enterprise subscription by comparing their feature sets.


How many of my own computers do I want to access, attended or unattended?

Optionally, add device access to your subscription by specifying the number of computers you own or manage to remotely access.


How many technicians do I need to meet demand for ad hoc support or service?

Optionally, add instant support to your subscription by specifying the number of technicians you need for IT support or customer service on anyone's computer.

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