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RealVNC® releases new high-speed streaming for VNC® Connect

Streaming will be 4x faster at no extra cost to Professional and Enterprise customers

22nd January 2019 – RealVNC® has announced that VNC® Connect customers can now benefit from high-speed streaming, enabling a real-time experience of content without compromising on picture quality.

With more industries using remote access software for applications that are increasingly content-rich, RealVNC® has enhanced its VNC® Connect offering to ensure users experience real-time  performance during activities like computer aided design, web browsing and streaming high-definition videos.

Professional and Enterprise subscribers of VNC® Connect can now benefit from high-speed streaming through direct and peer-to-peer cloud connections of desktop computers. By March 2019, high-speed streaming will also extend to cloud relayed connections, mobile devices and through the VNC® Connect instant support capability.

Existing customers can experience four times faster streaming for no extra cost, and the update means customers streaming over high-latency network connections not only retain high frame rates, but also retain picture quality during activities.

Adam Greenwood-Byrne, CEO at RealVNC® said: “Almost all companies are operating in a much more content–rich environment than they were only a few years ago. Engineers and architects using CAD applications for design, video game developers using graphics software, and even employees watching training videos are using and accessing increasingly sophisticated applications. Remote access software needs to accommodate this progression, and think ahead to how professionals will be working not just today, but in several years from now.”

“This is why we’ve launched high-speed streaming. As a growing organisation, we’re continually looking for ways to upgrade and improve our solutions, to ensure customers are getting the fastest, most secure solution possible.”

William Orme, Head of Products at RealVNC® commented: “In our beta testing, an overwhelming majority of users (81%) saw an improved experience, and were incredibly pleased with the performance and quality they received. In addition to this, when comparing with competitor offerings, we were able to provide a combination of speed and picture quality where our competitors weren’t. Overall, we’re delighted that we’re able to offer an enhanced software solution to our customers.” 

About RealVNC®

In 2002, the original inventors of VNC® formed RealVNC®, to build upon the success of screen sharing technology with the open source community, and to leverage the growing commercial appetite for enterprise-class remote access software.

Today, RealVNC® is a multi-award winning company with customers in 160 countries, and a growing Software as a Service (SaaS) success story. RealVNC® services customers from the largest multinational to SMEs, individual professionals as well as home users. RealVNC® continues to innovate in remote access and remote control solutions to bring the most secure and highest performance, easy-to-use service to our customers with a unique offering of both direct and cloud connectivity.

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