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RealVNC launches VNC Connect for Raspberry Pi Users

The popular cloud connectivity capabilities of VNC Connect are now available for the Raspberry Pi community 

16 Feb 2016, Cambridge UK: RealVNC, the original developer and provider of VNC remote access and control software, has today announced that VNC Connect is available on the Raspbian operating system.  Originally launched for other platforms in November of 2016, VNC Connect is now available to install with Raspbian Jessie, supporting the Raspberry Pi community with more powerful and flexible remote access options.  

VNC Connect offers Raspberry Pi users a range of exciting new remote access enhancements that include three headline capabilities: the ability to connect “Back to my Pi” from anywhere with VNC Connect’s optional cloud service, a simpler way to manage connections across devices, and improvements to RealVNC’s experimental “direct capture” technology.  All the VNC Connect features will remain free-of-charge for use on the Raspberry Pi in non-commercial and educational environments.

Direct and cloud connectivity in one
Users will continue to be able to make secure direct connections to their Raspberry Pi from other devices, but now have the option of using our cloud service to make equally secure connections back to their Pi from anywhere with internet access. This optional capability makes establishing connections much easier, since there is no longer any need to worry about IP addresses or port-forwarding configurations. You just click and connect, from anywhere.

Simpler connection management
A new VNC Viewer includes a built-in address book and enhanced UI, making it much simpler and quicker to manage your devices and connections. You now have the option of securely saving passwords for frequently used connections, and can synchronize your entries with other VNC Viewers, making it easier to access your Raspberry Pi from other computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

Direct capture performance improvements
We have also made performance improvements to our unique experimental “direct capture” feature, which allows applications that render directly to the screen (e.g. Minecraft) to be captured and remotely controlled. When using experimental direct capture with VNC Connect, interactive tasks will feel more responsive, and in most configurations, overall performance in this mode will be improved. 

“RealVNC shares the educational vision of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, so it’s a pleasure to continue working so closely with their team.” explained Adam Greenwood-Byrne, COO at RealVNC. “Last year we were excited to announce that our remote access software was included on Raspbian with PIXEL, and this is the next step in our commitment to supporting the Raspberry Pi community. We look forward to demonstrating the great new features of VNC Connect on Raspbian at the upcoming Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend on the 4th and 5th of March in Cambridge.”

Learn more about RealVNC and Raspberry Pi

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About RealVNC
RealVNC’s remote access and management software is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide in every sector of industry, government and education. Our software helps organizations to cut costs and improve the quality of supporting remote computers and applications. RealVNC is the original developer of VNC remote access software and supports an unrivalled mix of desktop and mobile platforms. Using our software SDKs, third-party technology companies also embed remote access technology direct into their products through OEM agreements.

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