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RealVNC demonstrates new video teller capabilities at RBR Branch Transformation

New secure video streaming dramatically improves customer service for Smart ATMs and transactional devices

Nov 28, 2017, Cambridge, UK:  RealVNC, the original developer and provider of remote access and support software, has today demonstrated a brand new video teller extension to their remote access VNC SDK. Ideal for financial institutions and service providers operating Smart ATMs and self-service transactional devices, this new capability enables the sharing of a secure video stream between a support center and transactional devices located at bank branches or remote sites. Unlike historic video teller approaches that require expensive proprietary hardware and software, RealVNC’s remote access capabilities allow ATM operators to restore the human touch to digital banking with a cost-effective and sustainable software strategy.

In an increasingly digital and automated world, financial institutions have the huge challenge of maintaining excellent customer service and if they get this wrong, the consequences can hit their bottom line. In this highly competitive industry, poor service increases customer churn and damages valuable reputations. RealVNC’s remote access software with the new video teller capability dramatically improves the customer experience of using complex transactional devices. Remote support agents can step customers though a transaction in real-time, supporting them with guidance and screen annotation. Using remote support, agents can guide customers through a transaction in real-time, providing support with screen annotation. A support agent can even share an appropriate video tutorial to provide further explanation, or upsell new services with a video overview of a relevant product.

“Because of the unique relationship that banks must maintain with their customers, RBR Branch Transformation in London is the perfect event to debut the addition of secure video streaming to our remote access software,” explained Matt Grant, Business Development Director at RealVNC. “Financial institutions are searching for affordable strategies to maintain high customer service standards and our lightweight software can be easily deployed on legacy ATMs and newer devices that offer much more complicated transaction options. Technology is fundamental to the success of digital banking strategies, but all too often the customer experience suffers in a drive to transform branch operations. Our software with this latest video teller capability is helping financial institutions and many other industries embrace sophisticated devices without sacrificing the human touch.”

Matt Grant from RealVNC will be speaking about the customer service challenge on November 29th at RBR Branch Transformation 2017 in London. Visit the RealVNC website to view videos explaining how the new real-time video teller capability is used in financial services and consumer electronic applications.

About RealVNC

RealVNC’s remote access and management software is used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide in every sector of industry, government and education. Our software helps organizations to cut costs and improve the quality of supporting remote computers and applications. RealVNC is the original developer of VNC remote access software and supports an unrivalled mix of desktop and mobile platforms. Using our software SDKs, third-party technology companies also embed remote access technology direct into their products through OEM agreements.

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