RealVNC Assures Users of Uncompromised Security in the Wake of AnyDesk Breach

In light of the recent security incident announced by AnyDesk, RealVNC understands that our users may have concerns about the security of other remote access products, including RealVNC products. We would like to reassure all RealVNC users that our software and systems are secure and RealVNC Connect is designed from the ground up to be secure, as demonstrated in our fundamental security principles on 

As a leader in remote access solutions, RealVNC holds steadfast to a commitment to unwavering data protection, and we have invested heavily into a robust security posture to protect all of our users.”

Our adherence to strict security protocols is demonstrated through RealVNC’s ISO27001 certification, highlighting a proactive and robust data protection strategy. This certification guarantees our continuous engagement in comprehensive risk assessment and employment of advanced security controls.

The cornerstone of RealVNC’s defence is founded on established security principles, ensuring high-trust services without the need for users to place their confidence in the organization but in the software itself. Our secure data infrastructure means that sessions cannot be decrypted, and we have never made or stored recordings. We operate under the assumption of a hostile environment, allowing users complete connection control and autonomy. We also always maintain a posture of transparency, with our Trust Center providing active and up-to-date information.

To reinforce its security stance, RealVNC has undergone a rigorous independent security audit. In the audit by the Berlin-based firm Cure53, our security measures were validated, affirming that our users’ data is safe.

RealVNC has not been affected by the AnyDesk incident or any other breaches. We maintain vigilance to safeguard our users’ data with the highest level of security.

RealVNC CEO Adam Greenwood-Byrne said:

I’m proud of RealVNC’s unblemished security record, and we continue to invest in systems and services that ensure we remain on the strongest footing. Customers who have been with us for years, including government departments around the world, recognise the value of our security stance just as well as we recognise the trust they place in us as their remote access vendor of choice. 

We value those relationships tremendously at RealVNC and our team works tirelessly to ensure our customers have what they need to feel safe. The Internet is a much more dangerous place than it was 20 years ago and we are committed to evolving and adapting accordingly. 


RealVNC is a leading provider of remote access and management technology. Founded in 2002 by the original creators of VNC technology, its products – RealVNC Connect and RPort – are trusted by millions of users worldwide and are considered “no regrets” platforms by engineers looking for the most reliable, most secure solutions.

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