How to stay safe with remote access in 5 easy steps

Learn five essential practices that will improve your organization’s remote a ccess security from RealVNC’s CIO, Andrew Woodhouse and Head of Cyber Security, Ben May.

Stay Secure with RealVNC© Connect


256-bit end-to-end encryption

Cloud-based connections through RealVNC Connect are fully encrypted meaning no need for firewall configurations.

Making it simpler and safer for users to remotely access their devices.


Two-Factor & Multi-factor Authentication

For added security, every RealVNC Connect account comes with two-factor authentication as standard, on any plan.

Choose from a selection of MFA methods (including Smartcard, RADIUS, and DUO) to authenticate session access.

Choose one method or combine several MFA methods for even stronger security.

Device Access

Cloud connectivity

Simplify your remote device access without compromising on security.

Fully encrypted and needing no firewall reconfiguration, cloud connections give you simple, secure access to your devices.

Combine cloud with direct connectivity to access networks that need to stay off the grid.

RealVNC is trusted by more than 90,000 enterprise customers


100.3 FM

“Being able to operate in two markets is really important for our business. VNC Connect allows us to do this without needing to constantly drive between Timaru to Oamaru. This is a game changer for us.”

James Valentine


MiPi Support

"RealVNC® makes it really easy for me, from virtually anywhere, to use my phone or tablet to look into and fix a problem should something arise."

Matt Ireland, Founder

Massage Robotics

“At Massage Robotics we don’t write programs that simply tell the robots to go from one point to the next. We create algorithms fed by databases that allow our robots to devise new routines. With hundreds of lines of code in each robot, and thousands more lines based in the cloud, RealVNC is a game changing solution for us.”



"RealVNC® remote access software is proving extremely useful in allowing our small helpdesk team to support staff located at sites around the whole of Poland."

Nataniel Zielinski, IT Architect/IT Administrator

Western Energy

Western Energy

"RealVNC® remote access software is so simple to use, easy to deploy and a lot less cumbersome than other solutions we tried. It’s bulletproof!"

Michael Rath, User Support Analyst

University of Miami

University of Miami

"RealVNC® remote access software has decreased the amount of downtime when our onboard systems do not perform properly, allowing us to increase the amount of time sampling."

Marc Peters, Technical Support


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