The four pillars of remote access
The complete guide for 2018

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar on remote access,
‘The four pillars of remote access: the complete guide for 2018’

We created this webinar resource page to follow up on some of the topics discussed by our guests and to address questions raised during the session. Feel free to download and share any of the content on this page.

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Webinar resources

  • The four pillars of remote access – A guide for 2018 – ebook
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  • Guide to choosing remote access software
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  • Security and compliance resources
    Learn how VNC Connect keeps your data secure and supports your regulatory compliance initiatives. Read more.
  • Cloud vs direct connectivity with VNC Connect
    A review of cloud and direct connectivity benefits and how they can be used most effectively. Download PDF.
  • iQuate customer case study
    The RealVNC server-based licensing model is perfect for us. A small number of licensed VNC Server computers in our QA Lab enables global remote training. This saves us time, money and improves the quality of our customer training. Daniel Stuart-Kelly, Head of Support & Operations. Read more.

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