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Enterprise subscription: Powerful, flexible and ultra-secure remote access for the enterprise


Welcome to VNC Connect! RealVNC is pleased to invite all VNC 5.x customers with a valid license key to upgrade to a new VNC Connect Enterprise annual subscription at no cost. VNC Connect has many exciting new features, including the option to automatically discover and seamlessly connect to computers via our new cloud service, as well as traditional direct (peer-to-peer) connectivity. While upgrading to VNC Connect isn’t mandatory, we’re sure you’ll love the flexibility and enhanced management capabilities of your new Enterprise subscription.


How to activate your account

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    Getting started with your Enterprise subscription and establishing your first cloud connection is quick and simple. Our short video shows you how.

  2. Enter the correct email address

VNC Connect benefits

Direct and cloud connectivity

Choose cloud connectivity for simplicity and convenience, direct connectivity for flexibility and control, or adopt a hybrid model.

Automatic discovery

Automatically discover cloud-enabled computers, and connect without port forwarding or firewall configuration.

Address book sharing

Invite people into your team to easily share remote access to cloud-enabled computers.

Backup and sync

Sign in to your RealVNC account on all the devices you connect from to access your address book wherever you are.

Online management

Manage computers, people, capacity, renewals and payment methods conveniently online.

Advanced security

256-bit AES encryption, perfect forward secrecy, automatic MITM protection and the latest RFB 5 protocol.


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