VNC Connect trial guide and resources

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5 steps to get connected...

  1. Create a RealVNC account

    If you haven’t created a new account already, visit our trial page to get started.

  2. Set up the computer you want to control

    Download VNC Server to the remote Windows, Mac or Linux computer you want to control, and install the software.

  3. License VNC Connect

    Sign in to the VNC Server app using your RealVNC account credentials (email address and password).

  4. Set up the device you want to control from

    Download VNC Viewer to your local computer or device, and sign in using your RealVNC account credentials to automatically discover the remote computer.

  5. Connect and take control

    Click or tap to connect, and authenticate using the same system user name and password you usually use to log in to your user account  on the remote computer.

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How to subscribe at the end of your trial

VNC Connect provides a unique set of remote access capabilities at a very cost-effective price.
It only takes a few minutes to subscribe!

The easiest way to subscribe is to sign in to your RealVNC account, navigate to the Billing page and click the Subscribe to VNC Connect button. You'll take your trial team live, which means you won't have to deploy or license the software again, nor re-invite team members.

If you want to subscribe and at the same time create a new account, simply visit the Buy page, and enter a new email address. Please note you'll have to set up your team from scratch.

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  • Contact our technical support team for product configuration questions
  • Contact our sales team for pricing and subscription questions

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