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The RealVNC server-based licensing model is perfect for us. A small number of licensed VNC Server computers in our QA Lab enables global remote training. This saves us time, money and improves the quality of our customer training.

Daniel Stuart-Kelly, Head of Support & Operations

Operating Cost

Reduce Cost

Decrease ‘reasonable adjustment’ costs for the delivery of the national curriculum

Customer Satisfaction

Improve Quality

Provide a more engaging and effective learning environment for students

Save Time

Save Time

Reduce the need for specialized training and documentation for remote support


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iQuate is a world leader in enterprise software analysis and discovery for about 16 years. Their discovery and dependency mapping solution for data centers, iQSonar, empowers organisations to quickly see through data center complexity, helping them manage and optimize IT assets to drive cost savings and efficiencies. 

The solution is used by major corporate organizations around the world. iQuate deploys RealVNC’s remote access software with an Enterprise license to deliver customer training sessions remotely from their Dublin headquarters.


In the past, the iQuate training team provided most of its customer training in-person at its Dublin headquarters, which hosts a state-of-the-art QA Lab with over 500 machines and devices used to simulate customer network environments. The challenge was to accommodate the increasing number of requests for training sessions delivered in customers’ own offices, while still being able to access the iQuate QA Lab in Dublin.


To facilitate remote training, iQuate installed a number of licensed VNC Servers on computers in its QA Lab, and asks customers to install the free VNC Viewer in advance of a training course. Trainees use VNC Viewer to remotely access the iQuate servers and perform training exercises as if they are in the Dublin QA Lab. They also make use of other features including the file transfer tool to deliver course materials to remote trainees. 

Customers have had no concerns about installing the RealVNC software. This is due to its positive reputation and support for a wide range of platforms. The RealVNC licensing model is an excellent fit, since a small number of VNC Server computers can provide remote training to an unlimited number of customers. iQuate can set up a new “team” for each training class and delete the team when the course is finished, controlling access to its QA Lab. 

The RealVNC software is helping iQuate to maximize its valuable training resources, saving travel time and expense, while providing an excellent and cost-effective experience for its customers.

Engineering Benefits

  • Proven remote access technology
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Secure direct connections
  • Cross-platform interoperability
  • Excellent remote access performance


iQuate initially deployed the RealVNC software using traditional direct connections, but is transitioning to the cloud-based connectivity offered in VNC Connect. Its customers can use VNC Connect to establish secure peer-to-peer connections over the cloud, greatly simplifying the connection process. RealVNC’s remote access software has become a strategic tool for iQuate’s training team, helping with its mission to provide the best possible training experience for its customers.


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