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Set top box manufacturers are increasing support agent efficiency, reducing expensive truck rolls and enhancing NPS.

Latest news: Version 1.7.0 of the VNC® SDK is now available.

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As the original developers of screen sharing technology, RealVNC® software is used by millions of people every day. Real-time remote access helps companies dramatically reduce support costs, improve customer service, and create new revenue opportunities.

With such compelling business benefits, it’s no surprise that organizations around the world have chosen to integrate our highly secure remote access software directly into their own products and services. Our two VNC® Developer solutions have been designed to enable OEM integration of our software, providing all the technical and business support you’ll need to transform your products.

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100m+ deployments worldwide

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Security and compliance are at the heart of our business

Principle 1

You don't have to trust RealVNC® as a company to trust our software and services

Principle 2

We do not store your session data, and it cannot be decrypted now or in the future

Principle 3

Every connection is treated as though made in a hostile environment

Principle 4

The remote computer ultimately decides who is able to connect

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