Remote access software for Android and iOS

Securely connect to Android and iOS mobile devices from your desktop or mobile device.


Fast, secure & reliable remote desktop software for iOS and Android

Connect on the go

Break free from your desk with the VNC® Viewer mobile app. Support teams on the go or manage and monitor systems whilst on-site or in-field.

Extend IT Support’s reach

IT and tech issues aren’t unique to desktop devices. Use the VNC® Server mobile app to launch a view-only connection so you can offer richer support to mobile users.

Connect across platforms

Maximize the value of your IT estate with multi-platform support that lets you access desktop and mobile devices regardless if they’re running Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS or Android.

Get more done with VNC® Connect on mobile

Optimized performance

Even in environments with low-bandwidth and high-latency, VNC® Connect offers a reliable connection by automatically optimizing for your network bandwidth.

Simple end-user experience

Provide IT assistance without adding complication for end-users thanks to a simple user experience that makes it quick and easy for end-users to connect to a support session.

Easy-to-administer access

Keep administration simple and with centralized control of device access and user permissions company-wide, saving you precious time and effort.

Smooth viewing experience

Whether connecting from desktop to mobile or vice-versa, VNC® Connect takes care of scaling and resolution to give you a seamless experience.

Multi-platform support

With interoperable platform support for Android, iOS/iPadOS, and desktop platforms, VNC® Connect helps maximize the value of your IT assets and assist more of your users.

Deploy at scale

Easily install the VNC® Server or VNC® Viewer mobile apps to managed devices using your MDM solution.

Frequently asked questions

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Download links for VNC® Server and VNC® Viewer for mobile are below:

VNC® Connect comprises of VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server. On mobile, the OS versions supported differ slightly between VNC Viewer and VNC Server. You can find detailed information here.

Currently, the VNC® Server mobile app supports view-only access, but we’ll be releasing additional functionality soon. Subscribe to our product updates so you can stay in the know.

The VNC® Server mobile app can be downloaded here and the VNC® Viewer mobile app is available here.

“ We use RealVNC software daily and because of it we are able to resolve 95% of IT issues directly from where we are. ”

Wayne Murray

IT Helpdesk Supervisor

Secure by design

Offer secure remote access at scale throughout your organization with confidence. VNC Connect features enterprise-grade security that protects against external threats, while a suite of admin tools gives you complete control of access across all devices.

Security is at the core of our solution – by design, we treat every connection as though it originated in a hostile environment. To safeguard against unsolicited access, an incoming connection must always be authorized from the end-user device. And to ensure total privacy, sessions are always end-to-end encrypted at up to 256-bit AES.


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