Remote access for information technology and services

Improve your organization's productivity and deliver a better service.

Boost productivity

Users can access real-time information and manage IT systems from anywhere.

Set technicians free

Quickly connect to devices regardless of location, and provide instant support.

Reduce costs

Spend less money on expenses by removing the need to travel.

Collaborate more with remote access

Enable your IT organization to collaborate and boost the quality of output with productivity tools built into RealVNC Connect. Securely grant technicians and engineers access to real-time data and equipment from any location, bringing groups together no matter where they are.

Hold the keys using strong security protocols for remote access

Security is at the core of RealVNC Connect and critical to safeguarding your systems against unsolicited access to your organization’s IT ecosystem. Deploy at scale while keeping sessions safe with vigorous protection options and authentication tools that give you complete control

Experience reliable remote access sessions

Compact and lightweight, RealVNC Connect delivers performance that removes downtime frustrations for IT professionals in important moments. High-speed streaming and adjustable parameters allow users to administer high-quality sessions without distress.

RealVNC is trusted by
more than 90,000 businesses

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” The RealVNC server-based licensing model is perfect for us. A small number of licensed VNC Server computers in our QA Lab enables global remote training. This saves us time, money and improves the quality of our customer training. “

Daniel Stuart-Kelly

Head of Support & Operations, iQuate

asked questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please visit our Help Center or get in touch with us.

RealVNC Connect can only be purchased with annual billing. Monthly billing is not available.

If you need to increase the number of licenses you’re using, you can do so in your RealVNC account.

However, please contact Sales if you need to change your license type.

You can download VNC Server here. It’s the software to install on every computer you want to control.

You can download VNC Viewer here. It’s what you install on every desktop computer you want to control from. If you’re looking to control computers from a mobile device or to access a mobile device, search ‘RealVNC’ in the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

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We don’t require credit card data. 14 days of free, secure and fast access to your devices. Upgrade or cancel anytime.

Improve client service levels with powerful monitoring and management

RPort from RealVNC® gives you a secure, web-based remote IT management and access solution for monitoring and maintaining your IT assets in real-time, without needing to deploy a single technician to site.

Free team resources from admin-intensive tasks like diagnostic checks, updating devices, and patch management. Scheduled commands and custom scripts let you automate those processes, while pre-configured tunnels give you secure, on-demand remote access to your devices and web apps using SSH and encrypted RDP, in addition to RealVNC Connect.

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