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Just need RealVNC® Viewer or RealVNC® Server?

Should you need to install RealVNC Viewer or RealVNC Server as individual applications, you can download them below.

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VNC Viewer or VNC Server + 3rd Party Client

VNC Viewer or VNC Server + 3rd Party Client

VNC Connect

With RealVNC Connect

Full end-to-end session encryption No Yes
Session recording No Yes
Advanced multi-factor authentication No Yes
Cloud & Direct (LAN) connectivity No Yes
Granular access and user permission control No Yes
Remote printing, real-time chat and file sharing No Yes

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  • How to get started

How to get started with RealVNC Connect remote access

In this video, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to get your first screen sharing session up and running using RealVNC Connect.

Tutorial: How to get started with RealVNC Connect remote access

Starting to use RealVNC Connect couldn’t be easier. You just need to create an account and get a free trial (no credit card required).

This video will show you how to provide unattended access to your Windows, Linux or Mac computer.

You will now be able to control your computer easily from anywhere in the world. If you want to continue to use the software after the 14-day trial, you can continue to do so seamlessly after buying a subscription.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please visit our Help Center or get in touch with us.

Check out our Help Center for the SHA256 checksums list

RealVNC Connect is the name of our whole remote access solution. It comprises of two applications: VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server.

VNC® Server needs to be installed and run on the devices you want to access remotely. You then use VNC® Viewer on the device you want to access and control your remote devices with.

No, you don’t. To start an On-Demand Assist session, you just need to have VNC® Viewer installed on your device. On-Demand Assist uses a unique session code to connect to an end-user’s device so there’s no need for VNC® Server to be installed on their device. Learn more here.

Yes, you can. However, you won’t get the full RealVNC Connect experience which includes enhanced security, reliable high-speed connections, and features exclusive to RealVNC Connect.

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