The VNC SDK is a fully customizable software toolkit

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Emulate traditional workflows, or go beyond them. VNC is tried-and-tested for remote access (connecting back to your computers on the move) and IT helpdesk (an expert helping a novice), but you’re only really limited by your imagination. Want to enhance your product or service with second screen, conferencing, or collaboration capabilities? The VNC SDK connects devices simply and securely across any network, and passes pixel data and input events between them using a dedicated, highly-optimized protocol.



VNC is the original cross-platform screen sharing technology, and we are the original inventors of VNC! Establish full remote control connections to Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi computers, and view-only connections to Android devices, from any combination of desktop platforms, from iOS or Android devices on the move, or from HTML5-enabled web browsers on desktops wherever you happen to be. We’re working to add new platforms all the time, so expect our platform support to grow with your product.



We manage the infrastructure so you don’t have to. VNC Cloud brokers connections between devices, wherever they are in the world, for connectivity and scalability you can rely on. Highly available, robust and secure, VNC Cloud negotiates peer-to-peer connections wherever possible to reduce Internet traffic, but will seamlessly relay entire sessions if required to ensure users get and stay connected.


…or connect direct

It’s not always possible, or desirable, to use a cloud service. Perhaps your devices are all within the same local network, or have no Internet connection. Perhaps you’re not comfortable with session data routing via our servers. With the VNC SDK it’s simple to establish direct TCP connections between devices instead of (or as well as) using VNC Cloud. This also means you can extend connectivity to shrink-wrapped VNC Connect clients with an Enterprise subscription.


Custom data channel

Once devices are connected, you can send your own messages, data or files in either direction over the same secure communication channel as the current screen sharing session. Augment screen sharing with text chat, send alerts, display system data, provide a file transfer facility, transmit patches or software updates, and more.


Simple to use

It’s easy to get started using the VNC SDK. There’s a sample app for every platform to evaluate with, learn from, and build upon. We provide a tool to help you join devices with VNC Cloud quickly, or alternatively just call VNC Cloud’s REST API directly. And there’s plenty of documentation to get you up and running, and reference information for when you start coding using the APIs. If you still get stuck, reach out to the team at RealVNC who’ll be happy to help.


Secure by design

Security is at the heart of our business. VNC Cloud ensures that connections are encrypted end-to-end using 128-bit AES. It mandates the use of secure HTTPS for all communications, and confirms identities using 2048-bit RSA keys, so private data stays secure. In addition, password authentication and blacklisting are turned on by default, so computers are protected out-of-the-box. It’s trivial to add further protection by filtering connections, prompting users for approval, making connections view-only, and more.

PartOfEnviroment Colour

Part of your environment

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to deliver a compelling VNC experience. The VNC SDK has a C API to facilitate rapid app development in C, C++ or Objective-C on your choice of Windows, Mac, Linux or iOS, or there’s .NET or Python language bindings if you prefer. Java and JavaScript bindings allow Android and HTML5 developers to work with VNC in their native programming environment. We even provide a dedicated library to handle the complex business of screen capture and input event injection for you.


Available as a sandbox mirror

We provide a sandbox VNC Cloud environment for testing before you push your solution to our production environment. Our sandbox is fully-featured and a mirror of what you will see when you go live. Test as much as you like on any combination of platforms for true peace of mind prior to deployment.

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