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SHA-256: f994315951029bf55c268096deb34a8222e54a4b798f4bd321795215c8131fcc

Released 17 June 2024

Frequently asked questions

How do I extract the VNC SDK?

It’s a .tar.gz archive, so you can use standard tools on Mac or Linux, or a free utility such as 7-Zip on Windows.

Where should I start?

We recommend you read our overview. In addition to useful background and coding information, there’s a full list of supported platforms, development environments, and how to compile and run the sample apps.

How do I get API keys and add-on codes?

We automatically generated an API key and secret when you signed up for an account; find them on the API keys page. These credentials enable you to connect devices simply and securely using our VNC Cloud service.

You can also generate trial add-on codes on the Add-on codes page, to extend the functionality of the VNC SDK. In particular, you can evaluate direct TCP connectivity.

Can I download older SDK versions?

Yes. You’ll need to sign in if you haven’t already.