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Before discovering RealVNC software, I’d have to try and understand a problem from someone describing it or spend time travelling to their desk. Now I can access the computer remotely and see the issue.

Ross Hunt, IT Technical Support Analyst

Operating Cost

Reduce Cost

Decrease support call repeat rates, call handling time and on-site travel costs

Customer Satisfaction

Improve Quality

Provide engaging, real-time connections that improves employee and customer satisfaction

Risk Management

Mitigate Risk

Anticipate and prevent system failures and the risk associated with on-site service


CarHeadquartered in Birmingham, UK, Roadchef is one of Britain’s leading roadside service providers. With 28 motorway service stations spread throughout the UK, the IT team at Roadchef required a solution to support staff with IT problems, without needing to travel desk-side. 

Having deployed RealVNC® remote access software with an Enterprise license, the team can provide instant, remote IT support, eliminating the need to travel, reducing system downtime and significantly reducing costs.


As its 28 service stations and 2,600 staff are dispersed over the length and breadth of the country, the IT team at Roadchef required a solution that would enable them to support all staff irrespective of location. Due to the wide range of helpdesk requests received, the IT team needed the solution to allow them to quickly troubleshoot and fix a PC, without needing to travel desk-side. The solution also needed to be secure, with the ability to restrict access to unauthorized personnel if needed.


With a workforce spread across the UK, the IT team at Roadchef were previously required to travel around the country, sometimes in excess of 5 hours, to troubleshoot and resolve even the simplest of IT problems. Using RealVNC remote access software with an Enterprise license, the three-man team can now take control of any computer and provide assistance, be it an issue with an email client or a problem with a printer, all without leaving their desk. 

RealVNC software with an Enterprise license was chosen for its full feature set and robust security. IT staff at Roadchef are delighted with the selection of features incorporated into the software, making use of the software deployment tool and file transfer options. In addition, single sign-on authentication proves extremely useful in restricting access for unauthorized personnel. 

The deployment of RealVNC remote access software with an Enterprise license has made a significant impact on both staff and costs. The IT team is not only happier they no longer need to drive all over the country every week, but are also able to offer an improved service as a result. Furthermore, savings from fuel alone has more than justified the initial cost of the software, with the license paying for itself within 3 months of use.

Engineering Benefits

  • Feature rich, customization
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Secure encrypted connections
  • Cross-platform interoperability
  • Feature rich, customization


The IT team is now able to provide remote support for staff dispersed across the UK, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.


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