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Telecom Cook Islands

Telecom Cook Islands - case study

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The Cook Islands are a group of 15 remote islands located in the South Pacific. Based on Rarotonga, the capital of the Cook Islands, Telecom Cook Islands Ltd is the largest provider of fixed phone, mobile and broadband services to the surrounding islands.

The IT team needed a solution to assist staff with IT issues who were located in offices spread throughout the islands.

Having deployed RealVNC’s VNC® Connect solution, IT staff are able to resolve problems remotely, significantly reducing staff downtime and allowing a higher level of service to be offered to customers.


Telecom Cook Islands has offices located on the island of Rarotonga, as well as 11 of the outer islands in the northern and southern groups. The IT team therefore required a solution for accessing staff workstations located on different islands for support and maintenance purposes. It was essential that the solution was easy to deploy and, due to different operating systems used throughout the organization, the software had to support cross platform remote sessions. In addition to this, the solution also needed to facilitate working from home.


RealVNC remote access software was chosen for its cross-platform capabilities and robust security features. In addition to this, staff utilized the deployment tool to install the software and found the ease of set up an added benefit.

RealVNC software also allows multiple Network Engineers to access and maintain the central telecommunications equipment responsible for connecting all phone calls, irrespective of where they are based. RealVNC software’s address book is used in this instance to securely store login details on connection, eliminating the need to enter the details every time a remote access session is initiated. Furthermore, staff can now access files and information stored on their work computer from home.

The software is proving invaluable to IT staff at Telecom Cook Islands, enabling a reduction in system downtime. IT staff are now able to work on multiple users’ computers, resolving helpdesk issues simultaneously, without leaving their desk. Now IT issues never get in the way of staff, providing the best level of service to their mobile, internet and telephone customers.


"Our IT staff greatly value RealVNC remote access software as it’s easy to setup and use, while allowing them to provide support to our staff regardless of their location."

Adam Tuatai
Systems Administrator


Remote support for workstations located throughout the Cook Islands and minimized downtime, leading to higher levels of service.

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100.3 FM

100.3 FM

“Ser capaz de operar em dois mercados é muito importante para o nosso negócio. O VNC Connect nos permite fazer isso sem a necessidade de dirigir constantemente entre Timaru e Oamaru. Isso é uma virada de jogo para nós."

James Valentine

Telesat Canada


"RealVNC® remote access software is such a valuable tool to us. I cannot even remember how we got along without it years ago!"

Wayne Hobbs, Satellite Control Network Analyst

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