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As one of the most respected and renowned theatre companies of all time, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has taken its productions to millions of theater lovers across the globe. Every employee contributes to what happens onstage, so when an IT issue occurs it has the potential to affect the production, but inevitably, the show must go on.

By deploying RealVNC® remote access software with an Enterprise license, the RSC ensures that IT issues are resolved quickly and kept behind the scenes.

software gives the engineers direct access to mission critical devices located worldwide to view status updates and health data not only when they are in the office, but also while at home. This allows them to troubleshoot devices at a critical time when the difference of having to drive into work could be enough to lose a satellite in orbit.


From Shakespeare’s historical home in Stratford-upon-Avon the IT team at the RSC needed a RealVNC remote access solution to remotely support their London and Newcastle locations as well as providing support for the Company whilst on tour overseas. In addition to this, the box office supervisors wanted to be able to monitor employees to ensure that the best levels of customer service were provided.

Finally, RealVNC software was also needed to remotely maintain the RSC’s electronic kiosks located in its theater foyers as any downtime causes disruption to theatergoers upon collecting their tickets.


The Royal Shakespeare Company employs over 500 people, who work either directly on the production or within roles that directly support what happens onstage. For this reason, it is essential that when an IT issue occurs the IT helpdesk team is able to resolve the problem quickly. Using RealVNC software, the RSC is able to instantly and securely take remote control of any PC, fix technical issues and update servers, in a more efficient manner than the traditional method of sending helpdesk personnel off-site or engaging in over the phone troubleshooting.

The software has enabled the IT team to minimize downtime and possible disruption to the Company’s productions. By installing the RealVNC software’s deployment tool, remote administration and maintenance is made easier as the IT team can install applications and perform upgrades without needing to make a trip to the console. This solution also provides the RSC with secure connections between the IT helpdesk and its remote locations in the UK. Furthermore, the competitive price of RealVNC’s product provided an added bonus.

Overall, RealVNC has proved a valuable tool for the RSC, and its versatility has enabled it to be utilized in a number of different ways.


“RealVNC software allows our IT helpdesk team to gain easy remote access to our PCs in the UK and across the globe..”

Wayne Evans
Systems Manager


In all, RealVNC remote solution has proved a valuable tool for the RSC, its versatility has enabled it to be utilized in a number of different ways and the numerous product features means that RealVNC software is a smart solution.

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