Remote access for healthcare & life sciences

Improve your healthcare service with secure remote access.


Reach farther and deliver better care

Experience freedom

Monitor and manage specialized medical equipment from anywhere.

Strengthen IT support

Provide instant IT support for medical devices, regardless of location.

Boost training

Remotely train health workers with access to real-time data and devices.

Enforce robust security protocols for remote access across your healthcare service

Security is at the core of VNC Connect and critical to safeguarding your healthcare service against unsolicited access to patient information and unique medical devices. Deploy at scale while keeping sessions safe with vigorous protection options and authentication tools that give you complete control.

VNC® Connect is HIPAA compliant – find out more.


Remove frustrations and improve patient care with remote access

Enable your healthcare team to collaborate and boost the quality of patient care with productivity tools built into VNC Connect. Securely grant nurses, doctors, surgeons, technicians, and field workers access to real-time data and equipment from any location, bringing groups together no matter where they are.


” RealVNC software provides fast and efficient remote access to many of our systems throughout the UK. “

Richard Cahalane

Applications Manager

Reliable remote access when the going gets tough

Compact and lightweight, VNC Connect delivers performance that removes downtime frustrations for healthcare services in critical moments. High-speed streaming and adjustable parameters allow medical professionals to administer high-quality sessions without distress.


Enable better clinical outcomes with real-time device management

RPort from RealVNC® gives you a secure, web-based RMM solution for remotely monitoring, managing, and operating devices within clinical and healthcare settings, in real-time.

Get full visibility of your IT systems and assets with secure, real-time monitoring from your web browser. Automate admin-intensive tasks with scheduled commands and custom scripts that let you handle diagnostic checks, mass device updates, and patch management. Access and control devices remotely, including “headless” equipment, via pre-configured tunnels over VNC Connect, SSH or RDP.

Trusted by leading IT teams worldwide


Southern Ohio Medical Centre

"We use RealVNC® remote access software pretty much anywhere we can from PCs to servers, to virtual desktops. It’s so light, cost effective and easy to use."

Ben Littleton, Systems and Network Manager



"VNC Connect is an essential component of the project, and will help our research group and other communities worldwide in the fight against Covid."

Tjark Ziehm, OHIOH founder


Medical Board of California

"Investigators are under constant scrutiny to do a better job, work more efficiently, and work faster, and we rely on RealVNC® software daily to assist all of our users in achieving this."

Diane Ingram, DPM II



"RealVNC® software provides fast and efficient remote access to many of our systems throughout the UK."

Richard Cahalane, Applications Manager


Calderstones NHS Trust

"With RealVNC® remote access software we have been able to provide a more responsive helpdesk, positively impacting on staff morale throughout an organization where providing excellent care is key."

Stuart Grimshaw, Technical Manager

Try remote access the secure way

Frequently asked questions

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VNC Connect can only be purchased with annual billing. Monthly billing is not available.

If you need to increase the number of licenses you’re using, you can do so in your RealVNC account. However, please contact Sales if you need to change your license type.

You can download VNC Server here. It’s the software to install on every computer you want to control.

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