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Our Channel Partner Program is here to help you. We provide the tools and support you need to offer expert advice about VNC Connect remote access software, and grow your business.

We can now fix 90% of the issues we receive remotely, eliminating travel time and costs, while helping our clients without delay.

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What does the RealVNC partner programme offer you?

Discount on all sales, co-terming and renewals.

  • Earn x3 times the discount for registering and successfully closing a unique net new opportunity.
  • Short sales cycle.
  • Repeat revenue from annual subscription renewals, supported by our customer success team.
  • Sales and technical product training to help close deals.
  • Pre-sales and post-sales support from our dedicated partner team.
  • NFR Licences to get you familiar with our tools and help you demo VNC Connect to your customers.

Simple and secure remote access and support

VNC® Connect has device access and instant support capabilities built-in, so a single subscription enables remote access and support for an entire organization.


Save time and money

A single subscription saves you money and requires less resource to manage.


Improve efficiency

One product for remote access simplifies business processes and reduces friction.


Reduce risk

Less software reduces your attack footprint and supports compliance objectives.

Device access


Add device access to your VNC® Connect subscription and control computers you own or manage. Once VNC® Connect is installed on those computers, anyone in your team can have access at any time, attended or unattended, direct or via the cloud.

Perfect for remote workers, departmental teams, integrating customers and suppliers, and IT support for your device estate.


Cloud (Internet) and direct (LAN) connectivity


Attended and unattended access


Licensed per remote computer to control


Installation on remote computer required

Instant support


Add instant support to your VNC® Connect subscription and connect to a colleague or customer’s computer in seconds (with their permission), without installing any software, making them perform complex operations, or leaving a footprint behind.

Perfect for service desk technicians or IT support in a BYOD environment.


Cloud connectivity only (Internet required)


Attended access only


Licensed per technician taking control


No install; zero footprint

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