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Put your support agent in the customer's living room

Reduce truck rolls, enhance NPS, increase first call resolution and create happy customers.

Improving customer support with real-time remote access

Pioneering Multi Service Operators (MSOs) are tailoring remote access software solutions to enable customer support agents to ‘remote in’ to set top boxes and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). Agents can offer advice, assist with technical issues, and deliver interactive, real-time technical support inside the customer’s living room, over a secure, high performance connection.

When remote access software is embedded into a customer support strategy, it empowers consumers and creates a new way of reducing customer service calls and truck rolls, while fostering positive long-term customer relationships, reducing subscriber churn, and increasing customer and support agent satisfaction scores such as Net Promoter Score (NPS).

As the original developers of remote access technology, RealVNC® software is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide. For more than 15 years, RealVNC® has provided reliable, responsive and secure connectivity between an unrivalled mix of computers and devices.

Key business drivers


Fewer expensive truck rolls


Enhanced NPS score


Increased first call resolution


More satisfied customers