Proven success across industries and applications

Strategic industries embed remote access in everyday devices.

VNC Developer customers come from a very wide range of industries and environments, and integrate our software into a diverse set of applications. Real-time screen sharing delivers the greatest benefits to environments with complex user interfaces or with high value, business critical “devices”.

Our VNC Developer solutions can be found on set-top boxes in our living rooms, ATMs on Main Street, medical devices in hospitals and commercial vehicles navigating our roads. These are only a few examples of how our secure remote access technology is being deployed. The great strength of the VNC Developer product line is its ability to support virtually any industrial, commercial or consumer device.

Whether our customers choose to bundle VNC Connect or build with the VNC SDK, we are helping them reduce the cost of supporting and maintaining their remote devices, improve customer services and create new revenue opportunities.

Watch our video to see how the financial services industry is benefiting from our secure remote access technology…

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Financial services

ATMs and Smart ATMs. More information.

Consumer transactions

Kiosks, ticket machines and self-service technology


Managed service providers

Attended and unattended remote computer systems


IoT - Internet of Things

Low-latency distributed devices



Robotics and manufacturing systems


Consumer electronics

Set-top boxes, home security and smart appliances.
More information.


Fleet management

Private, commercial and agricultural vehicles



CAT scanners, MRI machines and medical instrumentation