High-speed streaming

Real-time performance without compromising on picture quality

Reduce frustration and increase productivity

Take advantage of the latest streaming technology built into VNC® Connect, for a remote access experience that's more responsive—and therefore easy to use—than ever before.

Watching video

Watching video

Up to 4.7x faster*

Connect Performance CADModelling

CAD modelling

Up to 4.5x faster*

Office applications

Office applications

Up to 2.0x faster*


Web browsing

Up to 3.4x faster*

* than the previous version of VNC® Connect

Compare us with the competition

We believe we've created the best performing remote access experience ever. Don't take our word for it though; benchmark VNC® Connect for yourself!


Better picture quality than
TeamViewer 14


Substantially easier to use than
Bomgar Remote Support 17.1.2


More responsive than
LogMeIn Pro 4.1.0

Frequently asked questions

What is high-speed streaming?

We’ve changed the way VNC® Connect works under the hood, so the remote computer screen is streamed continuously. This means your local screen is refreshed much more often, especially for graphically-intensive content over slower networks, greatly improving your ability to interact in real-time. At the same time, we’ve extended our patent-protected compression algorithms to ensure the increase in screen refresh rate doesn’t come at the expense of picture quality.

Who benefits from high-speed streaming, and when?

High speed streaming is available now to users of all VNC Connect® subscriptions.

How have you derived your performance figures?

We compared four common use cases with the previous version of VNC® Connect, measuring the number of frames per second received over different network environments each time.

You’re likely to notice the biggest difference the slower your network. Our ‘up to’ figures at the top are taken from simulating an average US broadband connection, by limiting the available bandwidth to 37 Mbps, adding latency of 33ms and applying 0.3% random packet loss.

We also benchmarked ourselves against our competitors, and we’re confident we compare well!

Is there anything I have to do?

Simply download the latest versions of the VNC Viewer and VNC Server apps to all your local and remote devices. Once installed, you’ll get the performance boost automatically.

If you establish direct connections, make sure you’ve forwarded port 5900 UDP as well as TCP (or your actual port number if you’ve changed the default).

Get a performance boost

With a valid subscription, all you need do is download the latest VNC® Connect apps.


Download VNC Server to remote computers

You'll need to upgrade remote computers you want to control to the latest VNC Server.


Download VNC Server to remote computers

Download VNC Viewer to local devices You'll need to upgrade local devices you want to exercise control from to the latest VNC Viewer, or grab the latest Android app from the Play Store. Support for iOS coming soon.


Not using VNC® Connect yet?