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Exciting news about next week!

Firstly: an apology for the radio silence on the blog. We’ve been very busy here at RealVNC putting together the next release due mid-October.

Website updates

The release incorporates some major updates to the website that will allow you to manage your development projects and create your API keys to use with them. We’ll no longer be issuing API keys manually by email, instead you’ll be able to generate them instantly on the site to your heart’s content! This removes the artificial limit of one key and allows you to logically separate different projects into different “security worlds”.

Those of you who already have API keys will receive an email next week inviting you to join the system. We’ll create your account for you and you’ll just need to change your password before you start using it. Your existing key will already be there in the PROJECTS section of the site, so you won’t have to make any changes to your own code.

SDK updates

Alongside the new website, we’re releasing our next version of the VNC SDK 1.1.1. It will be a drop-in replacement for any project already using 1.1.0. The headline features for this release are:

  • Raspberry Pi compatibility – you can now use our SDK directly on your Raspberry Pi device!
  • Python bindings – if you want to write your VNC Viewer and VNC Server in Python, you will now be able to do so. Happy hacking!

We’ve also updated a whole load of moving parts under the bonnet, so please do upgrade to get the best of the best remote access SDKs. Full release notes will be available next week.

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