The four pillars of remote access

A guide for 2018

Discover how creating a consolidated remote access strategy can benefit your employees and your business.

VNC Connect Security WhitepaperTopics covered in the eBook:

  • Enable BYOD
  • Support complexity
  • Consolidation
  • Security

The ebook features industry professionals Clive Longbottom, Founder and Research Director at Quocirca, and Parker Hathcock from iQuate, an enterprise software company that is using remote access to offer innovative new customer services. They have applied their decades of experience in business process optimization to explore the growing importance of remote access technology.

Use this eBook to help form your own consolidated remote access strategy, and future proof your business.

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Topics covered in this eBook

  • Enable BYOD
    From tablets to smartphones, an increasingly mobile workforce is using a range of interconnected devices. Remote access has an important role to play in supporting this multifaceted trend.

  • Support complexity
    Enabling remote access along your supply chain can deliver major business benefits. See how some organizations are using this to drive greater efficiency and create new revenue while remaining in control.

  • Consolidation
    Your IT infrastructure is complex and interdependent. Anything you can do to streamline your ecosystem will save you time, money and reduce risk. It’s important to consider remote access consolidation options to support your IT optimization initiatives.

  • Security
    Any business will tell you that security is key, especially when you work in a high-risk sector. Explore security best practice for your remote access strategy to reduce your attack profile and mitigate malicious activity.

Author spotlight

Clive Longbottom
Clive Longbottom is the founder and research director of Quocirca, an independent analyst company. Clive focuses on the business value of technology – not the technology itself.

Parker Hathcock
Parker Hathcock is the Director of Product Marketing for iQuate. He's responsible for the outbound positioning and messaging for iQuate products, based on market demand and customer satisfaction. His career in B2B tech marketing spans more than a decade.

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