Deep Dive:
A Comparison of Remote Access Tools

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Richard Petitt
Richard Petitt

Sales Manager at RealVNC

Jordan Kanz
Jordan Kanz

Business Development Team Lead

Ben May
Ben May

Head of Cyber Security at RealVNC


  • Navigating the remote access landscape
  • Price vs. Capabilities – Striking the balance
  • Can the platform provide secure remote access?

How is this webinar helpful to my business?

Feeling overwhelmed in the world of remote access platforms? Need to balance cost, performance, and security? Don’t worry – RealVNC, the original creators of VNC technology and remote access, have got you covered!

Watch the webinar to hear industry experts Richard Petitt, Jordan Kanz and Ben May as they compare popular remote access tools – TeamViewer,  AnyDesk, Splashtop, and our own RealVNC Connect. The session aims at giving you facts to help you make the best choice for your organization.

At RealVNC, we’re all about making remote access simple and secure. Watch the webinar today and learn how to make the best possible remote access decisions!