VNC® OEM Licensing
RealVNC® is the only organization able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC in third-party products and offerings.
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VNC® Mobile Solution
Seamlessly integrate VNC remote control capabilities into mobile devices and existing applications and service offerings.
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VNC® Embedded Solution
A specially customized version of VNC technology that enables manufacturers to provide secure remote access to their devices.
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VNC® Automotive

We have developed our VNC remote access technology to create a solution that can automatically detect, access and control virtually any mobile device or desktop computer from a vehicle head unit or infotainment system either via MirrorLink, iPod Out or VNC Automotive using USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

VNC Automotive is available as an OEM package for developers to integrate VNC technology within their own products and supports a range of in-vehicle embedded operating systems and all leading mobile devices.

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VNC® Professional Services

Unmatched in expertise, our technical team include the inventors of the technology. If you have specific requirements for the addition of new features or the modification of existing features, our team can help.

With a breadth of experience developing on Windows, Linux, Mac and UNIX platforms, we can perform anything from simple rebranding work to adding complex, new features. Projects are professionally managed and delivered to the highest standards.

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