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RealVNC’s secure remote access software is found in millions of products around the world, from set-top boxes to commercial vehicles. If you would like to add the benefits of remote access to your product, we invite you to join the RealVNC OEM Partner Program.

As a member of the OEM Partner Program, we'll work with you to tailor our standard software licensing contract in response to your product strategy, development resources and business objectives. We offer two integration strategies; you can either "build" using the highly customizable VNC SDK, or “bundle” VNC Connect for a rapid time-to-market.

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Bundle VNC Connect

If time-to-market is your top priority, bundling an OEM version of VNC Connect alongside your application or product may be the optimum approach. Unlike the VNC SDK, VNC Connect does not require software engineering resource, and so is quick to deploy.

For details, please contact us.

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Build with the VNC SDK

The VNC SDK (Software Development Toolkit) is the right approach if you plan to build remote access directly into your software application or the user interface of your hardware. Your software engineering team can use the VNC SDK to customize a remote access solution that is tightly integrated with your product.

For details, please contact us.

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