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VNC Viewer for iOS 2.0 is a best-in-class solution for the remote control of a computer from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Getting connected

The Setup Guide explains in more detail the essential steps you need to perform in order to connect to a computer for the first time:

  1. If you have a:
    • Mac computer running OS X 10.4 or later (but see PowerPC caveat below), simply enable built-in Apple Remote Desktop (10.4) or Screen Sharing (10.5 onwards). You do not have to install any software.
    • Windows, UNIX, or Linux computer, or a PowerPC Mac computer running 10.4 (Tiger), or an AMX touch panel, get VNC-compatible Server technology installed and running.
  2. If you are connecting over the Internet (for example, via 3G), configure firewalls and routers protecting the computer to allow and forward network communications to it. See also this Knowledge Base article.
  3. Uniquely identify the computer, and use this information to connect.

Controlling a connected computer

Once connected, the User Guide explains how to use VNC Viewer for iOS to control a computer. This guide is also available on-board.