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VNC provides remote access and control of one computer desktop from another, whether on a local network or the other side of the world via the Internet. With hundreds of millions of users, VNC has multiple productivity-boosting applications including remote IT maintenance, IT helpdesk support, teleworking, business collaboration and training.

VNC® Mobile Viewer

View and interact with your computer desktop from a smartphone or tablet device. Run applications and access files, as if you are sitting in front of the computer itself. The app is ideal for both individuals to use at home and IT professionals to remotely support colleagues or access servers for troubleshooting, reducing downtime and out of hours trips to the office.

VNC® Viewer Plus

Connect to a VNC Server embedded directly onto the chipset of supported computers with Intel® Core™ vPro™ technology for built-in remote access. VNC Viewer Plus helps IT technicians solve complex issues such as OS failures and boot problems without needing to be desk-side, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.