RealVNC® features embedded VNC® for remote control at Intel Developer Forum

2nd September 2011: At this month’s Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, RealVNC® will be showcasing its VNC® remote control technology embedded in the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family. The result of a collaboration with Intel announced last year, the out-of-the box KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) functionality provides a built-in, fully graphical remote control capability for chip-level problem diagnosis and resolution.

By enabling users to connect to a VNC Server embedded directly onto the chipset of supported computers with Intel® Core™ vPro™ technology, IT professionals can remotely watch a full PC boot sequence, manipulate BIOS settings and re-install an operating system without the need to take a trip to the console.

RealVNC’s premium viewer, VNC Viewer Plus, connects directly to the VNC Server embedded in the hardware so no additional software needs to be installed on the operating system for full graphical KVM access. RealVNC worked closely with Intel to include Intel vPro Technology features of remote reboot, remote power-on, IDE redirection and enhanced security features and will be working to support ISVs that want to integrate KVM viewer into their existing console products.

“IDF2011 provides an ideal platform to demonstrate the benefits of integrated VNC technology,” said Adam Greenwood Byrne, VP Strategic Alliances at RealVNC. “We are delighted that Intel chose to collaborate with RealVNC to deliver on-chip KVM, which takes remote diagnostics and fault resolution to a new level for Intel vPro-based systems.”

In addition to providing remote troubleshooting, VNC is an essential tool for routine administration, maintenance and software upgrades for both desktops and servers. This can be done from home or a remote location in a different time zone, eliminating after hours trips to the office and reducing disruption to employees during the working day.

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