VNC® Embedded Solution

A specially customized version of VNC for embedded systems.

VNC Embedded Solution enables manufacturers to provide secure remote access to their devices over a network or the Internet. It can also be used by application developers and platform vendors to provide remote access to their software running on an embedded system.

Using VNC technology, a wide range of functions can be performed remotely on the device. Typical uses include:

  • Remote control
  • Device configuration
  • Deployment and upgrade
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
  • Problem diagnosis and fixing

VNC Embedded Solution is supplied as a SDK for adaptation and integration on existing devices and is already in use by global electronics manufacturers.

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VNC Server

VNC Embedded Solution includes a specially developed VNC Server that runs on the target device. RealVNC® has re-worked the standard desktop VNC Server to optimize it for resource-constrained environments using highly portable C code.

VNC Viewer

A specially matched VNC Viewer is used to provide remote access to the device. It can be run as a standalone application on the desktop or can be integrated into an existing desktop application. The VNC Viewer user interface can be fully customized and branded to suit your requirements. A browser-based version supports integration with web-based applications.


The use of a matched VNC Viewer together with built-in authentication mechanisms ensures that the remote access is secure and that only authorized users can gain remote access to the device.

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