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We use VNC Viewer Plus to connect to all of our Intel vPro machines around the University. We have experienced significant time savings from reducing the amount of desk-side visits.

Tom Borgia, IT Technician

Operating Cost

Reduce Cost

Decrease support call repeat rates, call handling time and on-site travel costs

Customer Satisfaction

Improve Quality

Provide engaging, real-time connections that improves employee and customer satisfaction

System Uptime

Increase Uptime

Avoid downtime with faster problem identification and resolution


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The University of York has become one of the leading universities in the UK for teaching and research and is at the forefront of promoting sustainability through its smart use of IT resources. 

VNC® Viewer Plus has been deployed on computers across campus allowing IT technicians to power down a fleet of machines at the end of the day, reducing trips to hundreds of consoles and saving energy.


The University of York has successfully grown to a student population totalling 13,000 and over 3,200 staff across 30 academic departments and research centers. With infrastructure expanding to accommodate intake, IT labs are located on campus sites around the city leaving the IT department faced with the challenge of supporting dispersed people and systems. A robust solution was required to allow technicians to conduct complex diagnostics across these sites to save time and resources.


PCs with Intel Core vPro processors are located in computer labs across campus, these PCs benefit from a VNC Server integrated on the chipset. VNC Viewer Plus allows IT technicians to connect to and control the computers even when they are out-of-band. IT technicians no longer need to be desk-side to troubleshoot and remedy complex issues such as OS failures and boot problems, saving travel time and reducing disruption to the student’s studies. 

The IT department also use the advanced remote access capabilities to test new PCs before they are stationed around campus.

Furthermore VNC Viewer Plus will help to contribute to the University’s energy saving initiatives, as the technology allows fleets of PCs to be remotely powered on and off. This is set to prove particularly useful at the end of each day when the labs are closed and during University holidays when the labs are shut altogether.

Engineering Benefits

  • Proven remote access technology
  • Time saving deployment tools
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Cross-platform interoperability
  • Excellent remote access performance


With VNC Viewer Plus, a job that would involve travelling to each machine can be taken care of from the comfort of the technician’s desk, with time and energy saved through the smart use of technology.


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