VNC® Viewer for Google Chrome™

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Getting started

You require software both for your Chrome-enabled device and for each remote computer you want to control:

  1. Download the VNC Viewer app for free from the Chrome web store to your Chrome-enabled device.
  2. Deploy VNC to each remote computer, and apply a free or trial license key:

    Note that connections will only be secure (encrypted) if you choose a Personal or an Enterprise license.

Getting connected

You can connect to a computer on the same local network as your Chrome-enabled device (useful at home or in the office), or to one the other side of the world over the Internet (via a 4G/3G/EDGE mobile data network, or from a public Wi-Fi hotspot).

Note that for a successful Internet connection you must first configure any firewalls and routers protecting the remote computer:

If you cannot connect, start with our troubleshooting guide.

Controlling a connected computer

While the VNC Viewer app window has focus, your mouse movements and (most) keyboard presses affect the remote computer, and not your Chrome-enabled device.

Pin toolbar Toggles toolbar visibility. When unpinned, hover the mouse cursor bottom center to show the toolbar again and re-pin it.
Virtual keyboard Sends keys you may not have to the remote computer, for example Command and Option keys to control a Mac. Alternatively, sends keys or key combinations you do have but that you find are being interpreted by your Chrome-enabled device, for example Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Note that modifier keys such as Ctrl are dark gray. Clicking once turns the key blue to indicate that it is being held down ready to modify the next key press only.

The Windows (or Super) key appears twice: once as a modifier and once as a single-press key. Click the former to perform a shortcut on the remote computer, for example Windows+D to show the desktop under Windows. Click the latter to open the Start menu on a remote Windows computer.
Full screen Toggles full screen. When in full screen mode, bump the mouse cursor against an edge to scroll a remote desktop.
Desktop scaling Toggles the scaling of the remote desktop between fit-to-window and 1:1.