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Getting started

You require software both for your Android device and for each target computer you want to control:

  1. Download the VNC Viewer app for free from the Play Store to your Android device.
  2. Deploy VNC to each target computer, and apply a free or trial license key:

    Note that connections will only be secure (encrypted) if you choose a Personal or an Enterprise license.

Getting connected

You can connect to a computer on the same Wi-Fi-enabled local network as your device (useful at home or in the office), or to one the other side of the world over the Internet (via a 4G/3G/EDGE mobile data network, or from a public Wi-Fi hotspot).

Note that for a successful Internet connection you must first configure any firewalls and routers protecting the target computer.

If you cannot connect, start with our troubleshooting guide.

Controlling a connected computer

Tap the ? button on the VNC Viewer toolbar to see how to use the app. Key features are:

  1. Your finger moves the mouse cursor rather than clicking where you touch, as you might expect with a touchscreen. This gives you fine-grained control of a high-resolution computer desktop from the smaller screen of your device.
  2. Mouse operations are performed by gestures, so for example to double click you position the cursor and then double tap the screen. The help explains the other gestures.
  3. Special computer keyboard keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Del, the Function keys, and the Command key on a Mac are available from a scrolling key bar above the virtual keyboard.