Are you using a RealVNC Viewer to access third-party servers? We have some news.

Here at RealVNC we work hard to provide you with the best possible products. Since we pioneered remote access software nearly 20 years ago, we have maintained a commitment to refining and reworking our products.

We have streamlined our service, optimizing our features to directly benefit you, with tailored solutions to complement and enhance your work. You have seen us continually roll out new features and work to fix bugs, because we want our software to be the best. 

A large percentage of the usage we are seeing is by people who use our free Viewer for third-party connections, and this can make for some wonky experiences. By connecting to software that is not up to our high standards, there is a strong chance that connections will be slow and insecure—VNC viewers use encryption that is only supported for connections to our VNC servers. Not only that, but this puts us in a rather awkward position; our resources are stretched, and this group of our users isn’t even getting a good connection experience. 

It is because we believe in our work and value our software developers that we think it’s a good time for some positive changes. Here are some options for you going forward:

1. If you have been using our Viewer to connect to non-RealVNC Servers, we will be asking you, in-app, to contribute $10 a year. This will support our ongoing software updates and fixes, so that you and all our users can continue to benefit from a great quality product.

2. If you don’t want to do that, we will ask that you simply use an official RealVNC Server on the remote end. And if you didn’t already know, we have a free version for non-commercial use, and two cost effective feature-rich subscriptions for businesses!

3. Not into either of those? You know the drill, because you’ve seen it everywhere: there will be a short ad before each of your connections. 

Why are we doing this now?

As we said above, we value our customers a lot. We also truly believe in our product and we want to give our engineers the credit they deserve. We feel passionate about paying people for the hard work they put in to create and enhance great software.

We want to continue to provide easy, intuitive connections to non-RealVNC Servers. But that takes development and testing, time and money. And when you break it down, isn’t $10 worth a full year’s unlimited usage? 

We know it might be frustrating to suddenly be asked for a small sacrifice for a product you’ve been using for free for such a long time, and we get it. But we also know that times change, and this industry in particular has evolved at light-speed. We want to get on board with that and move with the times. We hope you’ll join us, because we like you. A lot.

How are you feeling? If you want, write to us and let us know. We don’t bite!